TV Reporter Gets a Face Full of Weed Smoke During World Series Celebration

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This week, the Washington Nationals took home their first World Series championship, and D.C. took to the streets to celebrate in kind. And in between mocking the president and screaming their hearts out, fans burned down more than a few baseball bat-sized blunts. 

And like any major public event, the local news was on hand to cover the whole thing, including the copious amounts of cannabis smoke wafting through the air.

During a live broadcast on NBC Washington, reporter Shomari Stone was in the middle of a segment when a plume of smoke enveloped the camera shot and visibly startled the already crowd-mobbed newsman. 

“Whoo, is that weed?” Stone can be heard exclaiming, live on air.

Yes, Shomari, yes it was — and in DC, that’s perfectly legal, thank you very much. 

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